Nanyang Chinese Heritage Trail

The Destination Asia Malaysia team in Penang recently got together for an enjoyable evening soiree that involved exploring the many hidden enclaves along a Chinese heritage trail. George Town boasts several old Chinatown districts bearing strong cultural influences from southern China. The clan houses and temples dotted along every nook and corner of the old streets are testament to the familial religious bonds among the Chinese immigrants who sought a better life. Many families settled here and have shared their stories of yesteryear when Chinese labourers, traders and revolutionaries such as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen came ashore to realise their dreams and help build this cosmopolitan port.

On this insightful program we learn about the different architectural styles of the Chinese shop houses and temples that line streets of this city, each showing an ornate façade and distinctive terra-cotta roof. Walking into the Clan Jetties is a highlight of the tour, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of the close-knit families living above the sea while enjoying the captivating scenery of Penang Port.

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