Creative Cooking Class in Osaka

Osaka is the culinary capital of Japan where most locals live by the motto: kuidaore, literally meaning “eat till you drop”. It is home to uncountable specialties that go beyond the usual sushi and tempura, making the city a paradise for any food lover. Why not try your hand at learning how to make some of Osaka’s trademark food under the guidance of a skilled chef, taking your knowledge of Japanese cuisine to the next level. Lessons take place in a former restaurant in the downtown Shinsekai district, one of Osaka’s most picturesque neighborhoods.

Guests can choose between two menus (the entire group must choose the same course):

1. Home Cooking

On this course guests learn how to prepare dashimaki rolled omelet, miso soup, grilled rice-balls and ginger flavored pork.

2. Osaka Festival Food

Learn to make typical Osaka street food that’s sold during festivals; including Udon noodles from scratch, chopstick okonomiyaki pancake and yakitori chicken skewers.

The maximum number of participants able to take part at once is 6. Menus can also be arranged for vegetarians.

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