The Old Langkawi Charm

Passing by rustling paddy fields, see eaglets soar above you while Langkawi water buffalo plod through the sodden fields. This is a journey back through the roots of ancient Malaysia. We head to ‘Rumah Rimba’, also known as Home in the Forest, a traditional wooden house where our team are ready to welcome you into the heart of Langkawi.

Rumah Rimba is your home for the day, from which we depart to explore local villages where traditions and daily activities remain unchanged. Our walk reveals the culture of this region while allowing time to relax and unwind in stunning natural surroundings. Then discover Rumah Rimba itself and all the original artifacts. Then it is time to prepare some delicious local dishes together! Enjoy learning how to perfect ‘home cooked’ Malaysian style meals on our veranda while serenaded by the wildlife orchestra. Our team share stories of Langkawi and its enthralling history in a welcoming environment.

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