Remote Koh Jum is a Tropical Paradise

Koh Jum is a tropical island paradise accessible within thirty minutes by boat from mainland Krabi. The island is largely untouched and has very few visitors, which makes it an idyllic island for a true cast-away experience. Nature lovers won’t be disappointed as the lush green forests on the northern parts of the island are teeming with wildlife and ripe for exploration. Koh Jum is located very close to the Phi Phi National Marine Park and surrounded by stunning reefs making it a great place for diving and snorkeling.

Away from busy tourist destinations, visitors can explore the island or go island hopping without ever meeting another traveler. The island has few roads roads and even less traffic. Koh Jum Beach Villas are located on a four kilometer stretch of beach which offer exceptional sunset views over Phi Phi, the perfect setting for an evening stroll along the beach or sipping cocktails watching the sun go down.

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