Kanazawa Traditional Arts & Crafts Tour

The Kanazawa Crafts Tour has been devised to allow travelers to try their hands at two of the regions fascinating traditional arts & crafts that have given Kanazawa its creative reputation around the world. Charming Kanazawa is not only home to beautiful art, architecture and exquisite cuisine; it is also the birthplace of refined traditional crafts valued as some of the finest in the country.

Firstly, guests experience hand decorating a small laquer plate or a pair of chopstick with gold leaf. This thin, precious product is extremely delicate and takes great precision when handling. Next is kagayuzen, a form of kimono cloth dyeing that is unique to Kanazawa. Guests decorate a handkerchief using this traditional technique. All items made by guests can be taken home as souvenirs of their time spent in Japan.

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