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Staying Connected & Embracing the Virtual World

Destination Asia Events is here to help make the transition from face-to-face meetings and events to virtual and hybrid as easy and seamless as possible. From maintaining brand awareness to offering your customers a break from the monotony within their homes, our event experts can assist your business in a number of ways to ensure your virtual or hybrid event is successful and translates to an improved appreciation for your brand.

Among the services our experts can provide to take your event beyond just faces on a screen, includes providing the environment for you to stage your event creatively through live streaming or an online broadcast;  plus videoing, recording and integrating with any online platform, from planning stages through to execution. Our services cover all the fundamentals of staging a “live” event.

Five Pillars of a Hybrid Event

  • Social (physical) distancing: Ensuring a safe distance of at least one metre between guests.
  • Seamless technology: Technology and wireless internet is important for a seamless and smooth event.
  • Meeting design: Making sure your attendees feel engaged in the event even though not physically present.
  • Evolved food & beverage service: No longer buffet-style, but a la carte menu to be served to guests individually.
  • Enhanced safety & hygiene measures: There will be enhanced safety and hygiene measures in place for peace of mind.

Benefits of Going Virtual

  • Reaching your audience faster: Producing your event to a large audience virtually helps to save everyone’s time.
  • Ensure engagement & interaction for a wider audience: Giving your audience a higher level of focus and engagement throughout a live session.
  • Assurance of a quality meeting experience: We can take away the stress of managing an event across multiple destinations and through different time zones.

Make Destination Asia Events your one-stop-shop for you and your client; count on us to plan an unforgettable event whether it’s for a single or multiple destination program. For more information, download the Hybrid Events presentation on our dedicated Events Website or contact [email protected].

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