Sailing to the Remote Andaman Islands

Asia Talk-Myanmar_sep2016Discover more of Burma as the country continues to offer visitors more ways to explore this magnificent country. Burma Boating is now crossing the Andaman Sea to India’s Andaman Islands, one of the most remote islands groups in the world. Cruises will be starting in Ranong on the west coast of Thailand, sailing the Indian Ocean for two days before they reach Port Blair and begin to explore the 325 isolated islands. The marine life around the Andaman Islands is simply stunning as commercial fishing has been forbidden for over 40 years.

Reports from Burma Boating who embarked on an exploratory trip in March to the Andaman Islands, comment on the magical atmosphere of this destination. They tell of the wonderful interactions with inquisitive dolphins and whales as they ride next to the yacht whilst sailing between the lush, rugged tropical islands.

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