Venturing to Vietnam’s Northern Frontier with P’apiu Resort

A border province and official Frontier Area, Hà Giang lies in the remote far northern region of the country. To visit this province is to journey back in time and encounter some of Vietnam’s most rugged and grand landscapes of limestone pinnacles and granite outcrops.

Elegantly hidden amongst the lustrous scenery at Mount P’apiu’s peak, P’apiu Resort marks the final point along the northern mountain range in Yen Dinh village. Exclusively designed for couples, the resort currently offers three themed houses – The Fluffy, Layla Qays and The Mellow – each lovingly built by human hands over the course of seven years at “love’s peak.”

To reach the resort at the top of the mountain, guests will travel along a 1,7km-long hand-painted brocade road built preserve and uphold the unique cultural traits of ethnic minorities in the area. The resort’s staff, all of whom are locals, naturally radiate auras that reflect their unique cultural heritage and experiences.

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