Sunset Cruise Along the Historic Hanoi Red River

As part of efforts to diversify the Vietnam traveller experience post-pandemic, a new cruise tour on the Red River of Hanoi has just been launched. The “Jade of River” cruise with its two-level vessel can accommodate up to 80 passengers, taking them on a three-hour journey through historic bridges such as Long Bien and Chuong Duong.

Guests can also soak up the beauty of the river and its surroundings while sipping on a sunset drink. The cruise is available from 5 pm to 8 pm daily. It also features modern facilities with luxurious additions such as a massage jacuzzi room. Also ready to enjoy onboard the modern boat is a buffet BBQ dinner and live acoustic music performance, while private groups opting to charter the cruise have the option to order from a deluxe set menu.

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