The Glorious Green Fields of Nakhon Nayok

Within two hours’ drive from Bangkok sits an area of natural beauty that will take your breath away -especially at this time of year when it is immersed in the resplendent green of the rainy season. Located just over 100 km outside of Bangkok, this is a little known gem of a region called Nakhon Nayok. Many visitors miss out on the offerings here as they drive past, heading to the more famous Khao Yai, but actually people in the know prefer Nakhon Nayok with its natural beauty and lack of organized tours. Destination Asia Thailand has put together an exclusive day tour that takes travelers back in time to experience ox-cart riding and traditional Thai cooking. Learn to cook some of Thaialnd’s most famous dishes such as Som Tam (papaya salad) and Kai Phad Met Ma Muang (chicken with cashew nuts). For those with a day to spare from Bangkok, this is a great way of experiencing real Thai culture in the green landscapes of a riverside town.

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