Vespa Side Car Tours in Singapore

Your clients can now ride in the side car of a vintage Vespa through the charming lanes of Singapore’s ancient quarter, home in the past to the Malay Aristocracy and varied ethnic groups of Arab, Indian and Chinese origin, many of whom were merchants. Kampung Glam is now one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the Lion City, thriving with boutiques, cafes, bars, nightlife, heritage and art. This exciting Vespa side car tour adds another dimension to M&I activities, providing a welcome break and chance to see the city from a multitude of vantage points.

Adding a sense of adventure to this activity, delegates hunt giant wall murals hidden in the lanes and meet local people while exploring traditional workplaces. Hop inside a local bakery or exchange pleasantries with a bespoke tailor. Sample traditional delicacies and whizz through the surroundings of past and present. There are three tour durations to choose from; 60mins, 120mins or 180mins, with a maximum capacity of 20 people per tour.

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