Tourism Malaysia Wins Special Award for Best Camerawork at WorldMediaFestivals

A 2.5-minute video jointly produced by Tourism Malaysia, Sharp, and Chilli Pepper Films has won the ‘Magic Eye’ award for Best Camerawork at the 21st WorldMediaFestivals. Titled ‘Amazing’, the video captures the true essence of the multicoloured, multicultural and multiracial Malaysia, alongside the wondrous attractions across the country.

In addition, the creative production has also secured a place among four other winners under the Advertising category for the 2021 Tourism & Travel Media intermedia-globe Gold Award. ‘Amazing’ shares the recognition with four other themed videos from Thailand, Japan, and Austria. 

The award was made possible under the direction of globally acclaimed commercial and film director Mark Toia, and production house, Chilli Peppers Films. The initial production was a creative collaboration between Tourism Malaysia and Sharp called “Truly Aquos 8K, Truly Asia Malaysia”, where the production team was the first to shoot an 8K video in Malaysia.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, the WorldMediaFestivals have been honouring creativity in media for the past 21 years, including audiovisual, print and online productions. Due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, winners were announced on the WorldMediaFestivals’ official website.

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