Uncovering the Beauty of Sendai

With roughly one million inhabitants, Sendai is by far the largest city in the Tohoku Region and one of the country’s 15 largest cities. Destination Asia has created an exploratory program to reveal this compelling city to travelers. With the aid of an expert local guide, we uncover the modern city of Sendai, a city founded around 1600 by Date Masamune, one of feudal Japan’s most powerful lords. Many of Sendai’s attractions are related to Masamune and his family.

Visitors will first explore Zuihoden Mausoleum, the site of entombment of Masamune. Masamune’s son and grandson are entombed in smaller mausoleums designed in the same style. In the afternoon we continue to Matsushima Bay, a stunning region dotted with pine covered islets and often quoted as one of Japan’s three most scenic views. Here we board a boat and embark on a cruise of the surrounding islands and bay area to gain a better sensory perception of the landscape.

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