Unearthing Burma’s Precious Gemstones

Asia Talk-MyanmarBurma was coined the ‘Golden Land’ by some of its earliest settlers owing to its many rich natural resources. Among these are oil, gas, copper and tin – accompanied by a number of precious stones. Gemstones have long been found in the bountiful land of Burma where sapphires, emeralds, rubies and jade can be discovered. Destination Asia Myanmar has teamed with a professional gem expert, trained at the Gem-Association of London who can impart their knowledge and educate visitors on this fascinating element of the country’s natural history.

We can tailor any program to suit the guest’s needs – whether they want to learn about gems or buy some to take home, we can meet their requirements. During the day guests listen to an introduction to gem mining in Burma and visit a local gem market – there is also the option to visit a gem dealer’s home. For those who want to purchase precious stones, we visit a jewelry workshop and provide assistance with negotiating on price.

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