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Adam Szymanski Joins as Sales Director (Leisure) for North America

We’re delighted to welcome Adam Szymanski to our team, as Sales Director (Leisure) for North America. Like many others in this profession, Adam’s career began on a non-traditional path, working in healthcare for almost two years before making the jump into travel.

His first role in travel was as a safari specialist, planning custom itineraries and managing his company’s social media. From there he worked as a rep with several high-profile operators, then as a senior sales manager responsible for 47 hotels across Europe. More recently, he worked for a DMC helping them break into the North American market. All in all, he has a wealth of varied experience to draw on.

Asked how he felt to be joining Destinations Asia, Adam said he was “absolutely thrilled,” and added: “I’ve been familiar with the company since I began in the travel industry, and I’m honored to put my name in front of such a reputable brand. I am consistently wowed by their knowledge, their attention to detail, and their delivery of exceptional excursions in Asia.”

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