New Eco Resort Opens in Mergui Archipelago

Awei Pila Resort is located a two hour private boat ride from the shoreline of Kawthaung on the northernmost beach of Pila Island. This secluded beach is surrounded by virgin forest with views over the calm pearlescent ripples of the Andaman Sea.

The sweeping waterfront bay embraces a 600 meter long beach divided into two zones by a large rock formation, granting a select number of units further privacy. Beyond the beach is a thick forest providing a natural barrier to the elements.

Two room classes provide guests with a choice of experience; connecting with the sea front or adjacent forest. The use of natural wood in the architecture reinforces the feeling of a base camp for exploration and adventure, mixed with touches of traditional Myanmar construction. A selection of experiential activities are available for guests to take part in, including; campfire barbeques, jungle trekking, diving, bird watching, taking lunch at a Moken village house, fishing and cooking classes.

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