The Great Green Tea Making Experience

Asia Talk-Image-japan_GreenteaUji is a traditional town close to Kyoto that’s famous for its superior quality green tea. Sipping on a fragrant cup of tea here is an occasion not to be missed. While Kozanji Temple in Kyoto is believed to be the original site of tea cultivation in Japan, Uji’s tea became better known for its superior quality in the 1100s. A 20 minute train ride takes guests directly from Kyoto into the heart of Uji, where they have their first tea making encounter.

In a group of no more than 5 people, your guide translates for a local Uji resident who knows all there is to know about the kneading and drying of tea leaves. Following a one and a half hour tea making experience, we take a gentle stroll through the picturesque town, sampling tasty teas from local sellers. You need not feel under any pressure to purchase, but if you like green tea, this is a great place to purchase while you are in Japan.

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