East Bali Land Cruise Full-Day Program

The Land Rover Defender is one of the world’s most iconic four-wheel-drive vehicles – the epitome of rugged strength and, most importantly, safety and capability. From its earliest days, Land Rover’s dependable qualities attracted adventurers determined to access unreachable places, and to this day the mighty Defender continues to take explorers to uncharted territory.

In the morning, your Land Rover equipped with picnic basket and refreshments will collect you from your hotel and drive along the east coast to Tenganan village, home to the Bali Aga. This village has remained almost unchanged for hundreds of years and you will have the opportunity to learn about this ancient culture.

Your experienced guide will explain the cultural beliefs and traditional ceremonies uniquely held in this village as well as the weaving process of a unique and highly prized fabric called Geringsing. There are galleries and art shops displaying Geringsing, other local handicrafts and lontar – the ancient Balinese folded palm leaf books. The local villagers can also be seen weaving Geringsing cloth.

Next, you will be driven to the heritage Villa Iseh for lunch. The historic villa, overlooking a verdant valley streching all the way to the towering Mount Agung, was originally built in 1937 by the German painter Walter Spies. A typical Balinese lunch, Nasi Campur followed by Balinese cakes and coffee or tea is awaiting you here. If wished, you can also take a dip in the villa’s infinity pool with jaw-dropping front row views of Bali’s sacred Mount Agung.

On your return journey from Sidemen, a last stop will be made at Kamasan Village, a traditional painting community in East Bali’s Klungkung Regency. Kamasan is renowned as the place where Bali’s classical painting style originated – the artistic skills have been passed down through generations. Every painting has a story, featuring visual narratives in the form of wayang (shadow puppet) figures inspired by episodes from favourite Hindu epics like the Ramayana.

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