Working With Local Partners who are Plastic Free

With Destination Asia Malaysia recently being awarded the Travelife Partner certification for tour operators and travel agents, we will continue to work with local partners that share the same responsibility towards sustainability tourism. Bungaraya Island Resort & Gayana Marine Resort (Echo Resorts) will be participating in the “Plastic Free July” challenge as they steer themselves along a more sustainable path.

Echo Resorts have been collaborating with MERC (Marine Ecology Research Centre) for almost 10 years, on various Giant Clam propagation and coral reef regeneration projects. During this period they have seen an increase in the amount of plastic floating around in our ocean, causing a huge hazard to all marine life who mistaken these pollutants for food. Since 1 July 2018, the resort has taken a number of steps towards becoming greener, cleaner and healthier. They include; no more plastic bottles, a refillable bottle for each guest, no more plastic straws and composting to reduce waste.

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