Sustainable Tourism in Action along the Mae Hong Son Loop

One of the best ways to explore the mountainous region of Northern Thailand is by taking a road trip from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son via Pai – a route that has become known as the Mae Hong Son Loop.

Bordered by Myanmar to the west, Mae Hong Son is one of the most mountainous and forested provinces in Thailand. Home to many ethnic hill tribe communities, Mae Hong Son is still relatively off the beaten track compared to neighbouring Chiang Mai and is the perfect destination to visit traditional local villages, explore natural scenery, and interact with the locals during fun, interactive workshops and activities. In recent years, the villages in this region of Thailand have also developed sustainable initiatives for tourists.

In Ban Muang Pon Shan Community village situated in Khun Yuam district, Mae Hong Son, visitors can learn and experience the local arts of the bamboo weaving, Shan massage known as “Bieb Yah”, and traditional Shan Food and clothing. Huay Pu Keng in Mae Hong Son is now the first and only Kayan “long neck” village that has made the transition towards community-based tourism, offering meaning encounters between hosts and guests through workshops and tours such as brass jewellery making, weaving, cooking and many more. Organic cooking classes are also available at Buddha Raksa Nature Farm, Doisaket District, offering plant-based recipes following a farm-to-table concept. Beyond its cooking classes, Buddha Raksa Farm offers health, holistic and wellness experiences for those seeking a hideaway retreat.

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