Team Effort Required to Create Batik Masterpiece

Malaysia batik Activity_700x459An exercise for corporate groups that unites delegates and will provide lasting memories forever represented in a magnificent painting. Teams must work together on a traditional ‘batik’ style painting that not only introduces an ancient pastime from Malaysia, but incites the comradery of teamwork. Following a pre-approved ‘team logo’ picture hand-drawn by a local batik artist, each team is assigned a portion of the image to paint on a much larger canvas. The creative exercise takes place at the artist’s workshop and relies on each section to be finished to the very best of each team’s ability, thus ensuring a satisfactory final piece.

A recent client from a top US pharmaceutical company completed the Batik Painting Activity on their annual sales conference, leaving them with a beautiful piece of batik tapestry measuring 7ft by 3ft that now adorns their office wall as a reminder of their achievements whilst in Asia.

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