Reviving the Vanishing Art of Silk Production in Xieng Khouang Province

Founded in 1993, the Mulberries Organic Silk Farm was established in Xieng Khouang province as a non-profit research and model silk farm. By providing training and support in silkworm rearing and weaving techniques, the farm aims to revive and encourage the vanishing art of traditional Lao silk fibre production, while also generating income for families in surrounding areas.

Guests can observe the silk-making process from start to finish and even try their hand at one of the stages before attending a workshop on making and using natural dyes and the complex art of turning traditional designs into unique creations.

Mulberries Organic Silk Farm is a must-visit for those who are interested in yarn or fabric. Each product is dedicated to the revival and survival of Lao silk production and consequently provides a glimpse into this Southeast Asian country’s culture.

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