Vespa Food Adventure Through Siem Reap

Vespa Food Tour_700x459Destination Asia Cambodia has devised an excellent evening activity suited to those groups with business commitments during the day, yet want to connect with the local culture. The Vespa Food Adventure program takes place in Siem Reap and introduces Cambodian cuisine on a unique and exciting cultural level. Delegates are taken to busy kitchens located on the streets where many Cambodians (and travelers in the know), enjoy local cuisine.

Each delegate is assigned a Vespa with personal driver and the necessary safety gear. They are then driven to the top nighttime eating areas, where delicious soups are bubbling over coal fires and various meats are grilled on a BBQ. After visiting a number of hotspots, delegates are driven to renown restaurant where a selection of the region’s top delicacies have been prepared for tasting. The adventure comes to an end with a visit to a traditional house where rice wine infused with herbs and spices is served alongside local sweets.

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