Bali’s Most-Wanted Canyon Adventure

Located 1,200 metres above sea level in the central highlands, Catur Valley in north Bali is an area renowned for its scenic beauty and gushing waterfalls – making it the perfect destination for water rappelling and canyoning.

Shiva Canyon is one of the most-wanted canyoning experiences in Bali, and just a short 30-minute trek through the jungle will bring guests to the starting point of this canyoning adventure. Refreshments upon arrival are followed by careful preparation and a full safety briefing from a certified instructor from the International Canyoning Organisation for professionals (ICOpro) as well as a short meditation session inside Shiva Cave, where local healers and priests come to meditate for many months.

Guests will learn how to perform slides, jumps and rappel as the adventure crosses rivers as well as over and down four spectacular waterfalls. A challenging but rewarding experience for the more adventurous.

Halfway through the descent, guests will discover the “Eden Garden” for a short break and to admire the 50m-high Shiva Waterfall. At the end of the adventure, a quick walk brings guests back to the base camp for a hot shower and a refreshing lunch.

Note: This tour is recommended for anyone aged between 16 and 50 years old. A small amount of swimming will be required.

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