Bangkok Welcomes Beautifully Decorated Subway Stations

The central area of Bangkok covered by these four new subway stations is home to many of the city’s most visited attractions; such as, the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho. As such, the design and decoration of the stations both celebrates and honors this, and even their above ground architecture aims to help the buildings blend in and look a part of the community. The four new stations are decorated to celebrate and honour the traditions and heritage of Bangkok’s old town (Rattanakosin). “Sanam Chai” is possibly the most adventurous of the new MRT stations. This amazing new station looks more like a Rattanakosin-era palace or stateroom rather than a place of public transportation. The main hallway will have a gorgeous red paneled ceiling complete with glistening chandeliers. Supporting the ceiling, you can expect dazzling white columns adorned with intricate designs and golden fixtures. The whole interior looks opulent and magnificent. The exterior is just as interesting and will feature a traditional style facade and entrance gate. To top it off, this station will actually open out into the popular Museum Siam, which is dedicated to the history of the Thai people, their culture and traditions.

The four new stations provide an easy and convenient way to travel by public transport from other parts of Bangkok to the main attractions in the old city center, without having to tackle often heavy traffic conditions and spend long time in a minivan.

Traveling by public transport trough Bangkok is now more fun than ever. Destination Asia offers a unique excursion that makes good use of these different modes of transport. Escorted by a local guide, you visit some of the unique highlights and amazing temples in the city. To avoid the traffic, we stop at one of these new subway stations and enjoy public transport options such as the local express boat and modern sky-train. We then complete the local transport experience with a short ride on the famous Thai style Tuk-Tuk.

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