Colour, Sound and Feasting on Hong Kong’s Streets

Up for some hot and noisy Chinese religious celebrations in a 245-year-old temple? Hung Shing Festival, which falls around the 13th day of the second lunar month each year, is returning to the island neighborhood of Ap Lei Chau with colourful parades, Chinese opera performances, dragon and lion dances, and religious rituals. This is a festival to honor Hung Shing, a deity of the southern sea much revered here because of its relevance to the island’s historic fishing community.

For about a week, incense, flying silk ribbons and the distinctive sound of clashing cymbals and Cantonese opera fill the air, while the rituals are carried out at the 245-year-old Hung Shing Temple, a declared monument. Some highlights include a meal bowl for 1,000, enthralling martial arts demonstrations, processions, and performances at a specially erected bamboo theatre that is itself a sight to behold.

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