Exploring Sumba – The Island of Contrasts

Discover the distinctive culture and rugged natural beauty of Indonesia’s most diverse island. Sumba, formerly known as the Sandalwood Island, is famous for horses, Sumba cloth and of course its outstanding natural beauty. It has an intriguing history unbeknown to many, as Sandalwood was the only known cure for many diseases until penicillin was invented.

The island is growing in popularity for its ability to connect visitors with a fascinating tribal culture and distinct landscapes, resembling sceneries of Southern Africa or Australia. Tucked away in Indonesia’s southeast, many parts of the island are still widely untouched by modern lifestyle, providing visitors a vivid glimpse into ancient history. The island has a small population and a dry tropical climate with more hours of sunshine than any location within Indonesia.

Destination Asia Indonesia recently launched a new Sumba overland package to explore the unique facets of this emerging island. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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