Night Fever Hits Phuket Town with Buzzing Market

For such a small island, Phuket has an amazing array of venues which range from calm and peaceful to frankly hectic. Discerning travellers head for Phuket Town, famous for its bright, multi-coloured Sino-Portuguese buildings that have kept their character and charm perfectly intact.

One of its prime attractions, which has only sprung up recently and quickly became an overnight sensation is the Walking Street Market, known locally as Talaad Yai. Every Sunday from 4 pm to 9 pm, the once quiet Thalang Road turns into a busy street with stalls along the whole length of it. Night markets full of souvenirs are not new to Thailand or Phuket, but this one is a lot quirkier and more varied, showcasing the best of Thai people’s unique creativity, with all sorts of fascinating goods to browse. As you’d expect, there are some terrific stalls selling street food snacks and sweets, while the street itself is a great photo opportunity. To add to the event, there are often live performances with bands and shows.

The best time to visit is at sunset – which is about 6 pm all year round here – when the sky turns a wonderful colour, and the street is not yet packed with visitors. Another great development is that this market is free from styrofoam and single use plastics!  This is one of the first markets in Thailand to do so and more sustainable initiatives around Thailand have followed this excellent practice.
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