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Sustainability Initiatives Flow via Online Training

Destination Asia remains fully committed to achieving its sustainability goals; starting with its people. During a time of social distancing and working from home, we take it as an opportunity to raise awareness among staff and prepare for the implementation of further sustainability initiatives in the near future. Over the course of the last four weeks, Group Sustainability Manager Wanvipa has been busy hosting online sustainability training with the teams in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Already scheduled for next month, the teams in Thailand and Myanmar are preparing for their online training.

Topics discussed with employees during the training include;

  • our responsibility as a travel business
  • our sustainability goals
  • our internal guidelines to manage impacts such as waste management
  • our sustainability initiatives to engage staff, our suppliers and our customers
  • our stakeholders and partners we can work with to achieve our goals such as Travelife certification
  • our timeline for action!

After the training, we open the floor to share ideas concerning sustainability activities to help our business be more responsible. These ideas, along with further relevant training and support from our management, grow to make a real impact in achieving our sustainability goals. Together we really can make a difference!

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