Indonesia’s Secluded Paradise of Rote-Ndao Explored

The islands forming the Rote-Ndao Regency are not only Indonesia’s, but also Asia’s southernmost islands. They form part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and are separated from Australia by just a 500 kilometer crossing of the Timor Sea.

The deserted white sand beaches, expansive lush mangroves, uninhabited islands, coral reefs and diverse marine life make Rote Island a hidden paradise within the Indonesian archipelago.

Rotenese people are extremely friendly and helpful. They are mainly of Christian faith and religion plays an important role in their lives. The local economy in Rote is characterized predominantly by farming of Lontar plantations and seaweed for cosmetic purposes. Fishing and animal rearing is a popular source of income for many, hence the frequent sight of pigs, goats and cows roaming the island.

Rote’s food culture is generally based on local organic produce. Fruits and vegetables are bought and sold at local markets while meat and fish are usually bought directly from fishermen.

Rote Island offers clients an exciting tropical getaway that is truly remote and unexplored. Experience the magic – Pulau Rote truly is a small paradise on earth waiting to be explored.

Please contact us for a detailed itinerary and rates to visit the beautiful island of Pulau Rote.

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