Michelin Unveils First-ever Beijing Food Guide

The first edition of the Michelin Guide Beijing officially launched late last month. The inaugural guide for China’s capital features 100 establishments in the city, 20 per cent of which are star-rated restaurants. These include 1 three-star, 2 two-star and 20 one-star restaurants.

The diverse culinary culture of Beijing managed to delight and impress the Michelin Guide inspectors. They reported finding top-notch cooking techniques, various and fresh ingredients, numerous types of cuisine styles, and professional services.

In the selection list, Chinese restaurants hold the dominant position, while eateries providing exquisite European dishes also received star recognition. Among all the 1-star restaurants, Beijing cuisine is one of the main components and Peking duck restaurants have of course been duly recognized, including Destination Asia’s favourite Da Dong. 

Beijing is now truly under the spotlight of the global gastronomic community, evidenced by the many world-famous chefs branching out their businesses here. The booming industry is a demonstration of an ancient yet vibrant city glittering with a combination of classic and modern.

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